Sunday, January 06, 2013

Introducing Appetite and updates from 2013

Just wanted to update you on my latest experiment. Since my journey at Hover[1], and Taptolearn[2], I have now joined the 3-person team at and prototyping some new ideas. I've always liked detecting patterns - be it patterns in names as a kid, context on a webpage or from bigdata. So detecting apps from the image of a home screen in near real-time seemed challenging. Plus I got to work in C++ apart from just the weekends ( and erlang for Verbs) which is a great start to my new year.

Appetite detects apps on your iPhone's home screen automagically[3], and makes it easy to share by giving you a short url. Here's an example of what we detected from Ashton Kutcher's iPhone

Too bad we couldn't submit it to - apparently they only list startups never publicly mentioned before. Guess we were 24 hours too late. I'm stoked by the initial response of Appetite on Twitter since posting it on HN yesterday

Here's what Matthew @Panzer, the editor of thenextweb had to say, when he stumbled on appetite to our delight
To try it out yourself, visit or mail your homescreen to

Will love your comments.

~Bosky | @bhaskerkode

[1] Soft-Acquired. Online advertising, Erlang stack,
[2] a YC startup where I worked on iOS frameworks + analytics,
[3] via computer vision , machine learning