Thursday, December 08, 2005

I'm off to meet Bill Gates !

As I reach the end of my days as a student ,I remind myself that even though my days of learning are far from over ,it's the little things ,and the opportunities to exploit the keyword student that I'd probably miss the most. But onDecember 9th ,2005 ; I'll have other things to think about - and what better way to mark an eventful tenure as the Microsoft Student Champ,than by meeting The Chief Software Architect himself ! 8 )

That's right , Along with the scores of Microsoft emplyees who are going to be able to meet Billy G himself, 6 Students from Chennai from 6 different colleges will be there, and marking the presence on behalf of Chennai's MS - Student Partner alliance will be Bhasker V K from SVCE .Tada....!

Among other things ,like announcing ivestment plans of 1.5 b$ ,and opening several innovation centres starting off with one in Bangalore, he will be attending the READY Launch Tour -Microsoft Product launch for which I have access to attend on December 9th,at Palace Grounds ,Bangalore.

Ofcourse apart from the numerous event confirmation mails, the public relations callling and confirming from Bangalore, telling me what all i can bring & cannot (no camera's apparently!) ,so I'm all excited to listen to him .I've even more excited since I get to to also luncheon with him ( No,not a one-on-one :P ! ) for buffet ,so I'll be going early and sticking around so that I can talk to the man himself - the man behind Microsoft .

Ahh.... and suddenly I get a tranquil dose of pure bliss.... More after the meet ,i'm off to packing now ,will be a short trip but one i wont forget for the rest of my life ! 8 )

Keep CLicking,
Bhasker V Kode