Thursday, May 17, 2007

Introducing : The Returnable Project

Whats your return type...?

I just wanted to share with everyone a new project that i'm launching today .Returnable Project is architecture for using the url as a bridge for chaining 3 traits of the web : content ,their behaviour and its delivery its a personal project but quite a bit of javascript ,php ,url rewrite ,regex and css hacking spread over a few months of research and prototypes . It comes from a few motives:
  • tooltips not being able to support html
  • existing tooltip implementations catching every mousemove event (while this uses the concept of idempotent events - knowing when to not accept events)
  • no simple API for synchronising the delivery of content with its behaviour and content. In other words - allowing the normal user to create intuitive widgets and consume API's easily inside blogs and web pages.

The alpha is live over at ,while the project will be otherwise hosted at .
This may appeal to web developers and bloggers . It's a framework to add simple event driven programming for those who dont want to type code. But powerful all the same because of the DSL and API.
For bloggers who are looking for an easy way to have tooltips (in javascript enabled blogs) ,this could be a great utility. You can go through the site to see demos on how to create intuitive tooltips (and more apps coming soon) with just one line of code (apart from the script node to be added initially )

Here's how to add Returnable elements into your blog:
  1. Step1 : Add the script element

    This preferably need to be done only once (at the template of the blog/site /header,etc )

  2. Step 2 : Add the Returnable elements
    <span><returnable href="">Hover over this for some widgety magic</returnable></span>

  3. Step 3 : Done !
    Thats all there is ,load up you blog/ page .

I finally have the working prototypes ,and the project website website on sourceforge,as well as the official website ( running since then. I plan to add support for storage of tooltips on the server , new returnable types like widgets, maps , and so on which will be much easier now that the main architecture is working across browsers 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

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