Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting Agile ,and joining TutorVista

Here below best describes the Manifesto for Agile Software Development :

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
Working software over comprehensive documentation
Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
Responding to change over following a plan

I ve always had my reservations towards adopting theoritically superior methodolgies aka the traditional 'modern' programming paradigms. Object oriented ? Yes ,spared . I refer rather to the likes of quality obsessed services style and often highly automated forms of development across larger organisations. Otherwise ,when it comes to small teams needing to deliver and adapt to changing requirements or scalable realms of innovation - i feel its all another example of "habit taking over originality" thus suppressing tangible forms of innovation, in my experience.

Why do i talk about this now ? The reason being my decission to not take up the offer at EDS,and instead plunge into the world of startups ...namingly the one called "TutorVista" in India's silicon valley - Bangalore. Ofcourse this would mean that my earlier started venture with my other two partners would move into other hands ,and stealth mode . But i will look to come back to ut in the near future . Right now , its trying to out do myself with all the AJAX skills ive developed off late , play with encoding and web based communication interfaces which are at their challenging best at TutorVista.

Joining a consumer-directed setup like TutorVista that focuses on building personalized educational services across mainly the US and UK right targetted at the K-12,college student audience definitely throws open the challenges of where usability and the new AJAX realm will be put to test at its very foundations . Unlike most other web2.0 and off the age companies ,my role specifically at TutorVista would be along with our buddin team here in Bangalore to :
  • Making AJAX deliver its promises accompanied with a sound business model ( no surprises for why doesnt surprise the announced 2$ mn investment by Sequoia Capital .
  • B2C delivering staright up to the user. With the growing team in the operation department, as well as the strategically located business execs on the east and west coasts across the US apart from the UK .
  • The Utilitarian Movement - We address a problem . hitting the nail right where it should be hit . One of the only reasons eBay is what it is right now . It plugged right in seamlessly to existing needs provising real solutions effectively.
  • The Team - to back the venture . With the likes of senior personnel with experience in deverse domains such as IBM, Motorola, Amazon, British Telecom and McAfee. I will be directly under Mr.Ravi Kannan - CTO and one of the earliest members of McAfee when it started up ! Doesnt hurt that the CEO Mr.Ganesh and the team was even featured on CNBC's show to be aired some time now .

Heres what the companies USP is in essence :

Our mission is to provide world-class tutoring and high-quality content to students around the world. TutorVista.com is the premier online destination for affordable education - anytime, anywhere and in any subject. Students can access our service from the convenience of their home or school. They use our comprehensive and exhaustive lessons and question bank to master any subject and have access to a live tutor around the clock. TutorVista helps students to excel in school and at competitive examinations.

So how does it feel to work in a company with such challengin environment, diversified and vibrant personnel ,apart from the startup feel and starting off your career working in a company invested by the same the venture capitalists who invested in Yahoo and Google ?!

one word...Sublime....cant wait to get started at TutorVista ! 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V K

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