Friday, October 06, 2006

Joel Spolsky heading Dojo ?!?!

I was checking out where I could submit my concept of ajacss ,and speech recognition with ajax,when i stumbled upon The 11th Internationall SOA Web Services Edge 2007 East - International Web Services Conference & Expo, to be held June, 2007, which announces that its Call for Papers is now open.

But what really grabbed by attention was the list of keynotes and panels on the right side of the page . Call it a typo or perhaps some news that I dont know but the page clearly read showed Spolsky,with the word Dojo under the last name .

Heres even a screenshot . screenie1 shows the top of the page that shows Joel Spolsky ,founder Fog Creek . While a little on the right side of the page (couldnt get both in one screenshot ) shows ,soive put that in screenie2

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.usand heres the stealer... Spolsky , Dojo =>Free Image Hosting at

check it out yourself ! Someone 's got some explaining to do :P

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Bhasker V Kode

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