Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Indian Independent music is ALIVE and kicking !!

When i first saw sites like radioverve and gigpad for indian independent music spring up , I wondered who would be creating this kind of music from india . Well, today as a music lover and self-taught guitarist , i'm more than convinced at the amazing changes and advances happening in the indian independent music scene.

Take for instance - my good friend ,Prakash Hariharan has been playing the mandolin for 10 odd years. Sometime in college few years back, he got himself a new acoustic guitar ,and an electric one . And started playing amazing leads on both that led to him drifting towards fusion and little jazz. He and other friends from college like Raghu (Bass,vocals, composition) ,Karthik(vocals,guitar)& Deepak (drums) all from SVCE , have been making demos and jingles and performing at a semi-professional level for some time now .My gf was judged best singer at an inter-college event,and sings for the college band , and i know how she really enjoyed every practice session they had, and admits - its all hard work and patience. She should know - she's been learning classical indian music for the past 15 years ,Prakash for 10 odd years on the mandolin started off classical himself. Some like the pianist junior ,have even made it big in the band called Oxygen. Great to see them win gigs ,be it a fusion at iit,iim or the other events in south india. Hey ,incidently I had a great time myself playing the guitar for while in the western music band. I still do enjoy each minute i spend everyday with my custom made spanish guitar 8 )

Whats new though , is that unlike anyone else i know or anytime before ... Prakash has put away a nice job at a software company to pursue his dream . He joined a radio station to learn production , while spinning his own compositions in his home studio . recording and jamming with other buddies . He's been showing his demo's to people ,even to Guitar Prasanna and hopes to one day join the Berkely school of music . Really awesome to see people passionate and pursuing what they love 8 )

On the same lines, I was really stunned when i heard the awesome potential in indian inde music 8 ) ( songs from red cube, indus creed especially ) .Lot of indian independent music happening ....

Check out
  3. radioverve
  4. gigPad
Prakash puts some of his music over at his blog and runs his own podcasts with his music , and I'll ask him to update news on his new band in bangalore .

Here's a demo of Red Cube's single called "some where in the corner".

Cheers to the music,guitars and the free world ! 8 )

Update : Also on similiar lines, is . And here's cheers to Oritus, for their awesome song and now my personal fav indian inde ballad - 'Many a Mile' - by Oriitus.
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