Saturday, November 12, 2005

TechEnclave is recuiting !

Below is a copy of the announcement made on TechEnclave ,India's fastest growing online Technology Forums .And as a Staff Member and Super-Moderator ,it gives me great pleasure to announce the growing demands that our little community is going through.

Dear Members,
As you must have noted the recent promotions of Moderators to Global Moderators, we have a few vacancies created. One of the major vacancies is that of News Posters. Thus, we are now looking for a good news poster with excellent sources of news and good writing skills (not mandatory, is preferred).

Over the next few weeks we will be on a constant lookout for talent in members who submit good quality news. We shall select a handful of the best ones, out of which 2 members will get to join the TE Staff as News Posters.

Please note:

* The Decision of TechEnclave Staff in this regard is final and cannot be contested.
* By participating here, you are bound by the terms and conditions of the site. Specifically you will respect our site rules and the privacy policy.
* While we will not pay you for this job, But by becoming a TE staff member, a lot of benefits will open up for you. Become one to find them out.
* You are required to be a TechEnclave member to participate in this recruitment drive.
* If you have past history of working elsewhere, or are currently working in other forums/sites, kindly PM a Global Moderator or Admins about the same.
* All members wishing to participate in the recruitment drive are expected to reply here.
* Submissions from members not replying in this thread will not be considered.
* All submissions must be made in the Latest News Section section and spamming will not be tolerated. While the news may be approved, it is not necessary that it will make it to the portal.
* Please read the guide by Safin to get knowldge of how to post news. The link to the same is HERE
* TechEnclave holds the right to edit the rules of this recruitment with or without any prior notification at any stage. This cannot be contested. However, participants will get a notification of the changes if any via PM or via this thread and are thus required to check this thread constantly.
* All members replying below agree to abide by the rules mentioned above failing to do so can have action initiated against them.

So get ready and get clicking.

Keep Clicking,
Staff Member & Super-Moderator -

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Writing a good Statement of Purpose

Firstly ,let me clarify that I am not attemptin GRE or writing my own Statement of Purpose ,commonly associated with the admission procedure to get into universities in the US.

But I thought I'd discuss some key points ANYONE can use in writing their "Statement of Purpose" if they have the facts and are looking for points for cohesion :

-do u have any1 person/subject teacher in particular u want this reco to be from ?
-ur fav areas of interst in engg.
-any spl awards /papers / contests
-any sympo work,give info here bout leadership abilities
-ur max marks ever (in any subj) that might come in handy
-number of students in ur class
-favourite company / dream company
-role model ?
-fav subj in school
-give 2-3 fav subj's from over the years
-mark in 12th ,avg now ,any ranks,highest mark in which sem,which subjects
-what area of work do u want for MS?
-what u want to do after MS ?