Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hacking the technorati scriptlet and stumbling upon AJAX

Ever found this snippet around anywhere, well thats comes from a sinlge line code that is then replaced on runtime with the buttons,and links to this blog,etc. So in an attempt to recreate the same , i first found the source to this snippet .Check out the raw javascript source for :
Thats when i making my own src=,so after a lot of reading thru and opening up , i found three ways of dynamically almost client side speedish scripting methods.They were:
  1. plan vanilla javascripts with clever use of css ,and little bit of DOM as shown in the Very Dynamic Web Interfaces
  2. referring to a php / asp or other file that gets the httprequest,lot of xml ,
  3. presenting atlas and the AJAX project !
"ASP.NET 'Atlas' allows you, the page or control developer, to create rich, client-based applications that can also harness the power of the server. This brings a richer, user experience to web applications without the traditional need to post-back to the server.

* ASP.NET 'Atlas' client-side controls: You can create rich applications using in-built client-side controls through JavaScript or ASP.NET 'Atlas' script;
* Client-side events: Events such as the onclick client-side event can be handled or attached using the client-side controls;
* Actions: Actions are collections of 'tasks' to perform such as calling on methods on objects, setting properties.
* Behaviors: Behaviors allow you to create specific functionality, such as a pop-up menu or tool-tip that can be re-used and attached to specific controls or elements;
* Data binding: Data binding allows you to connect controls and components together and to manage the flow of data between them;
* Extend and create client-side controls: You can create new client-side objects to enhance or compose rich functionality. Page developers can use your control for example to create very rich client-side applications.
* ASP.NET 'Atlas' server-side "controls

What really took me over the head though was talk bout ALFAX - integration with flash and action script ! OMG ,talk about taking hypothesis and creative licence to new heights !

So now,ive dropped any plans on opening up the technorati or google analytics snippets,but found GREAT Reads on AJAX @
-> Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications
-> PDC 05 - ASP.NET 'Atlas' Preview Documentation
-> ASP.NET Spiced: AJAX
-> Dynamix HTML and XML : The XMLHttpRequest Model, from Apple
-> Mastering Ajax Part 1: Introduction to Ajax , from IBM
-> Ajax (programming) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
-> AJAX FAQ for the Java Developer, from Sun
-> Very Dynamic Web Interfaces
-> and its first love ...AJAX,amazing demo s here.
-> AJAX:Getting Started from Mozilla

What realy excited me apart from the dynamic nature , fast speeds, better and richer UI experience was
consuming a web service from a html page ,which when combined with ajax's ability to refresh or update without postback or refresh's is simply .... wow ! 8 )
- > Consuming a Web Service from an HTML Page
- > Calling a WebService from ASP3.0 and JavaScript
- > Remote scripting - Calling a WebService with JavaScript and C#
- > A proxy generator to WebServices for JavaScript and AJAX
- > Developing Web Applications with Ajax

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Ten Essential Tools: Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now

I was exploring the areas where Visual Studio Express had lesser features than its bigger cousin - the Std and enterprise editions, when i spotted this article that is quite self explanatory. Thought i'd discuss this particular tool that could be used for coders who blog called CopySourceas HTML.

Normally, when you try to post a cool code snippet to your blog it ends up being plain old text, which isn't the easiest thing to read. This is where the CopySourceAsHTML add-in comes in to play. This add-in allows you to copy code as HTML, meaning you can easily post it to your blog or Web site and retain the coloring applied through Visual Studio.

After installing the CopySourceAsHTML add-in, simply select the code you want to copy and then select the Copy Source as HTML command from the right-click menu. After you select Copy As HTML and configure the HTML to include line numbers, this code will look like Figure 12 in the browser. Anything that makes it easier to share and understand code benefits all of us as it means more people will go to the trouble of sharing knowledge and learning from each other.Get it here

My other favourites in this list include :
WSContractFirst makes it easier to write your WSDL file, and will generate client-side and server-side code for you, based on that WSDL file. You get the best of both worlds: control over your contract and the rapid development you are used to from Visual Studio style services development.

PInvoke.NET is a wiki that can be used to document the correct P/Invoke signatures to be used when calling unmanaged Win32 APIs. A wiki is a collaborative Web site that anyone can edit, which means there are thousands of signatures, examples, and notes about using P/Invoke. Since the wiki can be edited by anyone, you can contribute as well as make use of the information there.

CodeKeep is a Web application that provides a place for people to create and share snippets of code in any language. The true usefulness of CodeKeep is its Visual Studio add-in, which allows you to search quickly through the CodeKeep database, as well as submit your own snippets.

I laso liked the ingenuine,yet simple vision behind the Smartpaster and TestDriven.NET as well.

Read more from the Ten Essential Tools: Visual Studio Add-Ins Every Developer Should Download Now -- MSDN Magazine, December 2005: "

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So many things to little time...!

There are more reasons than one for me to think about what i am to do with my precious time and resources in my last semester .OF the things i ahve in mind are :
  • final year project : interactive voice response system for an intelligent text summarizer and im trying to align my other activities towards the same area- speech recognition and telephony. I would be required to go to college two days a week. Our team also has spoken to Ramco Systems for an external guide.
  • imagine cup preparation : the microsoft software design event comes to india this year and the topic dealing with health.
  • probable internship at iit-b startup : got an intimation from its CEO, an iit -bombay student that I have a chance for a 3week stint there early next year.
  • microsoft's code4bill challenge : where based on the performace, 20 students will have a go at being interns at microsoft, and 1 of them joining Bill Gates personal tech team.Time to deep dive into windows internals, system level fundamentals i guess !
  • Write gmat early 2006: I plan to only apply for IIT-M's MS(Entrepreneurship ) program which needs a gate/gmat/cat score . This is pretty low on my priority list,but I'll think bout the course if i do well .
  • my own startup : talks with my partners ,literary surveys , and market analysis ,are continuing.And we're looking to approach venture capitalists after preparing our presentations as soon as possible. This is my real passion,and im preparing to plunge into it in the near future . after graduation sounds near future enough :P
So many things to do ,so little time . But ive given myself the opportunity to browse through some of these really 'soul-food' articles :
  1. In the Beginning was the Command Line, by Neal Stephenson
  2. Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine, by W. Daniel Hillis
  3. The first postmodern computer language
  4. Blogs of : Steven Sinofsky, Joel Spolsky , among others .
Like i said...time to prioritize.... decisions decisions decisions ! 8 )

Lotta things happening.

  1. Article print request from Computer Society of India (CSI 's monthly journal )
    It was really exciting to receive a request to print my article in the CSI monthly magazine on the subject of the adoption of indian languages in software development and open source development. The editor mailed me ,and it was a pleasant surprise for both of us to know that I the article was written on TechEnclave by a student from an Anna Univerisity affiliated college - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering,sriperumbudur. Also ,he happened to be a professor at Anna UNiv's computer science department. Nice stuff and i will remember this for all time to come! 8 )
  2. Article request from a leading Indian National Daily
    Following my article being printed in CSI, i received an email from the Editor of one of two top english dailies from Indian dailies,appreciating my article in CSI ,and that they would want me to write an article for them for a special edition where they would be talking bout the future of IT in andhra pradesh . I hope everything works out well here,and ill see my name at the bottom of an article in the newspaper soon ! :)
  3. Meet with Bill Gates for announcing new product releases, Code4bil contest
    I was just back from the Ready Launch tour in Bangalore(wait , i hear they're changing the nameto bangalooru or so :P ) where Bill Gates,Chief Software Architect - Microsoft was present. And i had the privelege to see him up close (two rows behind the press) and have the opportunity of seeing the idol of millions across the world talk and discuss on his plans for the future as well as the new visual studio products, the foundation and its cause , initiatives for the community of developers and other events, Code4bill where 20 indian students will be given internships at microsoft following a stringent selection process,and 1 will be added to Bill Gates technical aid team .wow !
I guess things falling into place, among other things ;)

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