Thursday, April 28, 2005

A full circle for IIT'ians

Today i was on a journey to find out just what IIT'ians are upto.Have they finally decided to contemplate a "return2india",or can we expect more board members of the top corporates in the US to be occupied by more IIT graduates.

As i was reading through teh article "Technical Sutra",by Alexander Salkever .He goes on to say -

How have IIT graduates come to represent such an economic and entrepreneurial
juggernaut? Educated in English and ready to travel at the drop of a hat,
IIT grads embody all the ideals of the new economy: They are flexible
and brilliant technological knowledge workers who easily cross borders
and cultures to pursue their entrepreneurial and employment dreams.

Later i was going through the remarks by Bill Gates on India Institute of Technology 50th Anniversary Celebration "at Cupertino, CaliforniaJanuary 17, 2003 where he quotes -

I was careful to do research for this speech so I went up to the Web site -- the
IIT Web site -- and sort of browsed around, and after I did that I thought,
well, I'll go to the MIT Web site and browse around just to see, you know, these
things seem very similar. And on the MIT Web site the hot news was that the
coffee house was closing down because people weren't spending enough money
there. (Laughter.) On the IIT Bombay site, though, things were far more
interesting. They said that they had caught a leopard on the campus recently.
(Laughter, applause.) And that's something these U.S. universities just can't
offer in terms of an experience. (Laughter.)

In this rather old ,but still significant must read ,he later talks about technology in a truly splendid speech.

And then going through the very informative iit bombay' s news archive page withe loads of news related info reagarding happening s as well as this snippet.

From the article on "demigods and the dark side of the moon(tragedy if IIT's),brains into Indian society.

A quick glance at the placement scenario at most IIT's reveals a very interesting picture. A majority of B.Tech.'s and M.Tech.'s irrespective of their branch of study take up jobs at some software company or the other. Informal discussions with students reveal that the only options available to a passing out B.Tech. can be summed up as follows:

Join an Indian software company
Join a foreign software company
Go to USA for further studies
Join one of the IIM's for management studies
Plan a career in academics and join for M.Tech. and later Ph.D. at IIT (A negligible miniscule minority takes this option)

The option of working for an Indian company in the field of one's specialization is almost non-existent

Return to india's msn group also had some nice thoughts from veterans coming back,on how and what to expect when returning .

As for me,Im on the lookout to join an IIT startup !

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Another looming point for discussion

Do those who settle for less often often underachieve?

I am a person who tried to make the most of what I have.But often I see people who are content with what they have ,hesitate to take on an aggressive personna and go on to achieve what they want.Sort of the side effects you would find with the overdose of self confidence ,mostly found in qualified professional i presume,that tends to instill the ideology ,that 'Im prepared to take on anything'.Blame it on corporate pressure or the deadline theories,It does have its pro's and con's though.