Saturday, January 27, 2007

Good to be back in Chennai

Me in chennai for a few days...after a long break ,and the weekends been gr8 so far.

Attended the alumni meet and committed to helping out in the alumni site setting up as well .those guys are really stepping on the networking ,and the urgency is more so to gear up fto celebrate SVCE's 25th year of graduation to be in 2010 .

Showed off my new black dual-core 120 gb sata with dvd writer hp laptop to everyone at home here . its damn mobile and very sleek . am absolutely in love with it,and still think it was a better option that going for a mac ! (incidenly we just got another acbook ,bring the total to two now in our -10 odd strong develoepr & testing army at tutorvista's only office ( stpi ,electronic city,bangalore )

good news continues with my bro getting into Georgia tech, TAMU ,and Duke for his industrial engineering as well . Hes still waiting for stanford ,yale and darthmouth . All the best Bhargav !

Wrote a nice piece that i think a lot of my juniors at SVCE could use , and i think spend some time thinking about ,especially if your in a CS / IT department and contemplating a career in web based development.

Speaking of TE, the member base at TechEnclave has passed 13,500 geeks and looking good , We just completed a deal with Reliance Webworld for a banner display,and completed a small announcement deal with Rashmi Bansal - Editor, Jammag as well .

on the work front ,tutorvista just celebrated its first year anniversay at HINT, in bangalore central .a disc /pub that we booked all for ourselves and EVERYthing on the house !!! : ) . that was a freaking awesome party ! Getting into some new projects in office as well with the newsletter, feed syndication,apart from the now deployed googlish Calendar utility released live to our 2500+ paid customers. We're expanding on the hiring front as well - tutors,operations , developers ... conducted my first phone interview myself ;) ,plus its exciting that after our secodn round of funding of 10mln ,we're now going from the incubated unit at stpi to a full fledged 33 story byulding of our in the heart of Bangalore's corporate zone off the airport road.

went for a nice long move - salame ishq ,entertaining , india Vs west indies cricket match happening live here in chennai . and so is the cult fest saarang here at iit-madras campus.met up with my old buddies from school , called a few more . had a nice day out with my family and nrought my gf to my house for the first time to my mom and grand mom. spoke to my dad who's sailing after a long time . Madhu will continue to be in Biocon,bangalore till she leaves for her MS. And i think its time i thought about my plans for the near and distant future as well -education wise, health wise , personal life, wise in all respects ... Salsa classes have been doing me good as well....

Cheers to a rocking start to 2007 is beautiful .... 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

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