Sunday, November 20, 2005

a Professor some day ...

I have always had an inherent gravitation towards speaking my mind, especially towards a higher cause ,simply said - giving advice to people when
  • 1) the situation demands even a single hint of something i pride in having - "clarity of thought"
  • 2) when i am approached to assist with some issue particularly involving introspection,innovation
And so ,i guess it did not come as a harsh shock that I wouldnt ming seeing myself someday as a teacher ,an inspirer ,a professor at a leading business /technology school . Yes, it would take considerable amounts of resources ,time and blah blah ;but i think doing an MBA ,rather a post graduation in a management course sounds a logical step in reaching my dream of becoming a Professor someday.

Here are links that I can look back at ,couple of years from now .(Hi there ,me ! )

1.Kick off with B-School E-zines
I started off with four online resource heavens from the dens of the ivy -league
Site What it's good for Don't waste your time if What our CEOs had to say What you should know

Timely, topical, and insightful business writing. Plenty of useful information taken from academic research. You want hard-core theory. This site is not for academic purists. Atre liked the articles on finance and investment, and Weathersby praised the coverage of copyright protection and international trade. If you like the format, it's worth knowing that Knowledge@
( http://knowledge
) is a clone of this E-zine.
Working Knowledge,
Interviews with top professors and industry leaders on entrepreneurial issues; news of Harvard B-school events. You want pure academic research. Brigham praised the site; Atre called it her favorite. But Weathersby suspected it would interest only Harvard M.B.A.'s. A redesign is planned to boost the site's interactivity.
Stanford Business,
Learning about the Stanford B-school. You need quick access to useful information; there's no index. Atre found "gems" but not enough real-world coverage. Brigham liked the case studies. An overhaul of the site is planned; the goal is to create an easy-to-use portal.
Capital Ideas,
Summaries of research in economics and finance, conducted by some of the country's top business professors. You're looking for E-commerce, benefits-plan, and technology insights that you can put into practice today. Though our CEOs found two useful articles (out of a total of four), all said that the site had little relevance for entrepreneurs. If you're interested in venture capital, read the article "Six Degrees of Separation."

2.Fame academies
A few star professors in the US now command salaries and perks to die for, as rival universities bid for their services. .....more here

3.A reluctant superstar
Henry Mintzberg may be the most celebrated business academic in Canada, but don't treat him like a rock star ......more here

4.Browsing through the Faculty pages of top B-schools
It might sound a little too early to call them role-models.Especially for a person who is still in his year of Undergraduate Study ;but hey ,it does make sense to check out what 's in the offering ,and how i can emulate them in any way possible that suits my way of eventual decission-making.I went through the IIM's and the IIT-m b school faculty pages. I noticed had done their studies at some point of time at either of the IIT's and surprisingly low number of faculty graduating from US B schools. I did not see any emphasis on Entreneurship either,which is what i want to teach eventually.

Well i guess,they can wait for me 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V K ,
Aspiring Entrepeneur ,& Professor