Sunday, August 28, 2005

Collaboration and the win32 for msn

Mark jen 's blog talked bout how the win32api for msn about ,turns out that :

"MSN has been operating in a walled garden. Most of their services do not have accessible developer APIs (there are exceptions I'm sure, Virtual Earth comes to mind). They have put the onus upon themselves to create the Internet experience that they think consumers want. The MSN backend infrastructure is completely closed from what I can tell; there is no Win32 of MSN."

He goes on to ask why MS havnt concentrated on a distributed concept of an OS ,where you simply load /boot up backed by a gigabit connection .

There must be some reason. in the first place,ive alwasy wondered how MS has managed to collaborate not make anything redundant with all the projects they have ,be it a common feature from any two office products or some dicision of whether to choose the feature from say a mappoint or a virtual earth . All very subtle and important decision that gravitate towards consolidating their existing services . gr8 effort ,u got to say.Im sure billyG aka Bill Gates has something in mind. The windows media centre ,microsoft automative and windows embedded all go to say that. To have converged and seamless integration .so im guessing that wer not going to see a deviation from the pc to a networked pc ,but from devices part from pcs using this model .

He also talks bout how MS could blow away the competition if
1.) provide the platform for free.
2.) charge consumers for enhanced platform
3.) consumers get it fo free,business's pay

well....this discussion can and will go on for long long time im sure so im not even gonna get started with it :)