Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How to get hired as a Tutor at TutorVista

Well ,to be quite frank - I intend to try my hand at teaching ,after im done with my stints with software at a later point of time . And heres how you can become a tutor too .

There are three kinds of people that we are looking for for the position of a Tutor , here at Tutorvista . Being a new age company you could be sitting in any part of the world and still be part of the Tutorvista family ,but Id like to explain the options a bit further .

1. Have u always wanted to teach, at some point in your life ?
If you are qualified to train students and have the passion to teach and interact with students from all over the World - from Iran to Egypt to the United States and the UK . Choose the grades and Subjects you are comfortable with and get started with Training that we provide before you handle the students . We take the quality of work, and dedication to time seriously. Both your time as well as those of the students from across the world . And once the training period is completed succesfully -you will certified by TutorVista , and ready to begin .

2 . Are you a school or college Tutor ,looking for part time work ?
Part time Tutors from across India and other countries have found that serving as a part time Tutor at TutorVista have helped them with extra earnings , but provided them with a chance to teach students what you love it Trigonometry , Economics , Classical Music Reading or Japanese ! If you have a skill that you want to share ,then help us extend that satisfaction further by rewarding you for your dedication .

3 . Are you looking for Tutoring as a full time profession ?

TutorVista , is always looking for dedicated personnel to join its growing family worldwide . If you are looking for a full time career in the teaching field or want to shift to the rewarding world of the Tutoring , then look no further . Join now ,as a part time Tutor to get started or if it cant wait - you can always go for our Full Time Tutor positions .

If you feel you come under any one of the above categories , mail in your resume at with the subject " careers - Tutor#101".

If you on the other hand are a php programmer with 2-3 years of experience with server side programming particularly with extensive database expertise , send your resumes to with the subject as 'careers - dev#101' .

I can go on and on about the atmosphere here at TutorVista .From the bean bag infested office here in Bangalore, to the Saturday Intra- Office Cricket matches ,to the Celebration parties and the versatile singers that we have to ....uhmmm tolerate :P ...

But its a revolution best experienced than explained. So ,tell your friends & spread the word . TutorVista ......World Class Tutoring,A Click Away .... 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

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