Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Presenting TEBookmarklet 1.0

Gathering inspiration from the nifty bookmarklet to add technorati tags to your blog posts ( as ive done below ) , i played around with some javascript and that led me to a day of challenging and - at the end of the day - satisfying piece of coding .

To install a beta version of this bookmarklet,go to this page and drag the TEBookmarklet1.0 linknear your browser toolbar under your address bar. Else wait till it is published on TE full the final version .

Presenting the TEBookmarklet1.0 a tool that i feel could help TechEnclave users and News posters especially. Its a very easy- to - use util that i spend today making ,and let me give a walkthrough :


  • - suppose your on any page in firefox
  • - select any text ,click on the bookmarklet
  • - a new popup asks which section you want to post into
  • - click go,and the new thread comes
  • - text is automatically copied ,so go to the thread area and paste to get the text you highlighted in firefox in the thread.
Where it will be useful :
  • - for newposters who find something on the fly and can post quickly .
  • - for users ,a faster way to reach and post.
  • - can also be used as a copy highlighted text

  • -You are registered and logged in as a TechEnclave user (register here)
  • - firefox with javascript enabled ( bookmarklet made for firefox as of now )
  • - Need to allow the site to allow popups when prompted (adblock wil by default disallow it )

I have made this tool for the TechEnclave Forum especially . To explore how you can have this feature for your site/blog or to help me code and migrate to IE as well ,do drop in a comment.

Keep Clicking,
Bosky ,
Staff & Super Moderator - TechEnclave.com

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Anonymous said...

Nice one I would say. Will take time to try this weekend.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Looks good. Will try this when i find time..

Rakesh said...

hey great one and well thanks for tha info abt the technorati tags i too will start taggin my posts ...