Sunday, April 16, 2006

Presenting ajaCSS (ajax + CSS )

Since i stumbled upon AJAX a couple of months back ,I have been hooked onto making my own AJAX libraries and generally playing around with this piece of UI art.

One of my other projects of interest has been the possible future areas where AJAX can be used . This is what i focussed on during my talk at BarcampChennai titled "Emerging Areas in AJAX " .After showing a few demos on :
  • dynamically creating html elements using DOM (the document object model)
  • dynamically styling the page without postback from a remote CSS file.
  • ajax style presentation /ppt tool where clicking on next would source the next slide
  • simple demo of xmlhttpobject to load xml and txt files .
But what i beleive were the killers were my three pet projects:
  • Speech recognition with AJAX (watch the video demo )
  • ajax + css for low resolution displays (watch the video demo )
  • ajax + css for pattern matching / hand writing recognition (watch the video demo )
I shall now try to explain the above three concepts.

1. Speech recognition with AJAX (watch the video demo )
This is part of my final year project and i just wanted to see if it was possible for sasdk to have ajx features .seems it does . Ill try to attach a architectural diagram below that should explain the same . my other post on this topic also has details.

2. ajaCSS (ajax + css ) for Low resolution displays (watch the video demo )
- > Firstly what is ajaCSS ?!
Its just a convenient term i coined for refering to using ajax with CSS .

- >How can you create low resolution displays with
ajaCSS ?!
What impresed me with being able to dynamically loading a CSS file ,is that if i had a table with' n x n' cells ,and label each with a seperate div id ,then effectively i would have made a single frame of nxn resolution at a time 't' . Now refresh your css with ajax every second or 0.25 seconds ,and you have yourself a low resolution animation possible if you play the cells and their colors right . the quality of resolution is only bound by the number of cells , and hence by loading of a tables style with ajax at regular intervals of time , could make a definite future model for low speed /hi speed internet displays .

3. ajaCSS (ajax + css )for pattern matching / Cursor writing recognition (watch the video demo )
Continuing with the ajaCSS based 'n x n ' display model ,in association with the mouseover event could let the cells that the mouse has traced to be highlighted. then using an eexpert system or so , you could then recognize the alphabet the user attempted to trace . Neat huh ! 8 ) .

Now to continue research into these areas, or startup based on the business potential .Thats the question ! 8 )

edited: also check out my post on ajaCSS Low resolution Displays : an experiment

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V K

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Anonymous said...

Really good AJAX projects and also congrats to you and your teammates on making this exciting proof of concept into your final year project.


Bosky said...

Thank you very much Arun !!!

Keep Clicking,

ben said...

Very great! conrats, i'll try to learn some from your work :)

Anonymous said...

Good work!. Like the idea and your thought process. Keep up the good work.

Ravi Kannan

Bosky said...

Thank you Mr.Kannan 8 )

Barani Kumar V said...

Hi ,
This is Barani kumar

I have seen your demo video(speech aplication)
It's Realy Good work
Give some idea to how to use ajax in speech application