Thursday, April 20, 2006

ajaCSS Low resolution Displays : an experiment

The Master Plan
To be able to trap a doodle or alphabet pattern exactly as the person writes it ,such that the recording is time consistent to the user actually making the doodle. Whats more ,to then be able to re-run /play the doodle exactly the way the user recorded it .So you could call this a sort of doodle recorder /player.

The Objective : TO try to automate and track the alphabet the user tried to draw .

april 19th version
- basic event trigger handling

april 23rd version
- added 5 second timer for drawing doodles
- generate the structured xml data for that 5 second doodle

april 24th version
- added 'toggle click to enable/disable ink '
- added a color chooser
- added a start /stop toggle button ( need to check for continuity of session though)
- removed 5 second cap for recording.
-added duration counter
- corrected xml format to handle inactivity during recording

CHeck out the april 24th version for new Instructions .

any other suggestions ?!

So whats news?!
  • being able to capture the cursor movements as a distinct reproducable xml object without any video/OCR utility involved. Effectively what this does is convert 'x' seconds of low resolution animation into xml ! and whats more ,you can play it back !

So how what can it do?!
  • e-learning systems : where the teacher shows how to write an alphabet, the kid can then keep looking at that .sounds too far fetched ?! hey ,ive got a point here :P ...and so did the microsoft imagine cup winners last year when they made a similiar tablet pc app that draws an alphabet in slowmotion for kids to follow .

  • send and receive animated Doodles ! : another web 2.0 startup possibility with the method i mentioned above .maybe you could have a 'drop me a ajaCSS doodle' on your blog or so . Any takers ?!

  • handwriting recognition : the cells that are touched are noted in a systematic xml format ,so its not tough to see how natural language programmaing developers can use this method for non video/web based handwriting recognition .Whats more ,each user will be first trained to write all the letters. which means that you have that much better chance of deciphering your writing (eg:x pattern might be g for someone,it might be q for someone else ,by analysing a simple formula:
    select ( MAX (no: of matching cells for a particular trained letter) )

Results of recent work

  • View a generated ajaCSS based xml for the letter A generated file for the doodle/animation for the letter A for a 10 x 10 matrix .(tested by myself, not the best though.) (without timing information for every 0.2 seconds) (april 19th version)
  • View with timing information for the letter A (with timing for every 0.2 seconds) (april 23rd version)
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