Monday, November 28, 2005

A word on Pro Bloggers

First up a look at the penetration of the top most blogs , over view of the blogrolling statistics and then the opportunity in blogging as a career!

Amused ,dont be ,the person who runs now calims to earn in 6-figure 's and even introduced a course on blogging as a career.

August is over and my monthly Adsense figures were a new record - the daily average was $511.27 with the monthly total coming in at just a stones throw from $16,000 (USD). The following picture is a screen capture (with my personal details blocked out) of the monthly total. It actually ended up being 0.36 cents higher than the total you see there (it all counts I guess).

as for blogrolls, surprising to find a few even higher than slashdot !
  1. -- linked by 2270 users
  2. -- linked by 2175 users
  3. -- linked by 1871 users
  4. -- linked by 1398 users
Blogstreet india stats show of the 2057 blogs registered
1 121 - Weblog of Kiruba Shankar RSS
2 106 - weblog of lazy geek RSS
3 89 Vantage point RSS
5 68 Selective Amnesia RSS

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