Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hacking the technorati scriptlet and stumbling upon AJAX

Ever found this snippet around anywhere, well thats comes from a sinlge line code that is then replaced on runtime with the buttons,and links to this blog,etc. So in an attempt to recreate the same , i first found the source to this snippet .Check out the raw javascript source for :
Thats when i making my own src=,so after a lot of reading thru and opening up , i found three ways of dynamically almost client side speedish scripting methods.They were:
  1. plan vanilla javascripts with clever use of css ,and little bit of DOM as shown in the Very Dynamic Web Interfaces
  2. referring to a php / asp or other file that gets the httprequest,lot of xml ,
  3. presenting atlas and the AJAX project !
"ASP.NET 'Atlas' allows you, the page or control developer, to create rich, client-based applications that can also harness the power of the server. This brings a richer, user experience to web applications without the traditional need to post-back to the server.

* ASP.NET 'Atlas' client-side controls: You can create rich applications using in-built client-side controls through JavaScript or ASP.NET 'Atlas' script;
* Client-side events: Events such as the onclick client-side event can be handled or attached using the client-side controls;
* Actions: Actions are collections of 'tasks' to perform such as calling on methods on objects, setting properties.
* Behaviors: Behaviors allow you to create specific functionality, such as a pop-up menu or tool-tip that can be re-used and attached to specific controls or elements;
* Data binding: Data binding allows you to connect controls and components together and to manage the flow of data between them;
* Extend and create client-side controls: You can create new client-side objects to enhance or compose rich functionality. Page developers can use your control for example to create very rich client-side applications.
* ASP.NET 'Atlas' server-side "controls

What really took me over the head though was talk bout ALFAX - integration with flash and action script ! OMG ,talk about taking hypothesis and creative licence to new heights !

So now,ive dropped any plans on opening up the technorati or google analytics snippets,but found GREAT Reads on AJAX @
-> Ajax: A New Approach to Web Applications
-> PDC 05 - ASP.NET 'Atlas' Preview Documentation
-> ASP.NET Spiced: AJAX
-> Dynamix HTML and XML : The XMLHttpRequest Model, from Apple
-> Mastering Ajax Part 1: Introduction to Ajax , from IBM
-> Ajax (programming) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
-> AJAX FAQ for the Java Developer, from Sun
-> Very Dynamic Web Interfaces
-> and its first love ...AJAX,amazing demo s here.
-> AJAX:Getting Started from Mozilla

What realy excited me apart from the dynamic nature , fast speeds, better and richer UI experience was
consuming a web service from a html page ,which when combined with ajax's ability to refresh or update without postback or refresh's is simply .... wow ! 8 )
- > Consuming a Web Service from an HTML Page
- > Calling a WebService from ASP3.0 and JavaScript
- > Remote scripting - Calling a WebService with JavaScript and C#
- > A proxy generator to WebServices for JavaScript and AJAX
- > Developing Web Applications with Ajax

Keep CLicking,
Bhasker V Kode


Aswin Anand T.H. said...

hey bosky, wats techenclave actually? wat does it do? plz give me some detail on it

Bosky said...

techenclave is india's leading technology portal and forums for news,reviews,dsicussions,guides,etc .

Me along with my other online buddies run the site ,and Im a staff member , super moderator over there.

We're having a lot of contests right now, so head over and register at the Techenclave Forums now ! 8 )

Keep Clicking,
Bosky101 (as on TechEnclave)

Bosky said...

sorry typo with the link.Correct link is

Jagan said...

Hey Bosky ..Just now I got a mail from a friend (Yuvaraj ) about u and then I see ur comments in my blog .

Pretty impressed by what I have heard about you ..and am looking forward to some discussions .

BTW , am more into comouter networks, routers and craps .So cudnt comprehend much of ur post :d.And dont judge me from what I post in my blog :)

Sinduja Venkat said...

hi, i'm visitin this site for the first time. mighty impressed. n this techenclave thing is even cooler. way to go!
I've tried to convince my dept head to bring out some dept mag with all the comp. info tht we students cud want.. it isn't takin off though. ever given a thought to an technical e-mag?

Preethi said...

hey thanks a lot for leaving a comment in my blog! u frm svce too eh?

Anonymous said...

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