Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So many things to do...so little time...!

There are more reasons than one for me to think about what i am to do with my precious time and resources in my last semester .OF the things i ahve in mind are :
  • final year project : interactive voice response system for an intelligent text summarizer and im trying to align my other activities towards the same area- speech recognition and telephony. I would be required to go to college two days a week. Our team also has spoken to Ramco Systems for an external guide.
  • imagine cup preparation : the microsoft software design event comes to india this year and the topic dealing with health.
  • probable internship at iit-b startup : got an intimation from its CEO, an iit -bombay student that I have a chance for a 3week stint there early next year.
  • microsoft's code4bill challenge : where based on the performace, 20 students will have a go at being interns at microsoft, and 1 of them joining Bill Gates personal tech team.Time to deep dive into windows internals, system level fundamentals i guess !
  • Write gmat early 2006: I plan to only apply for IIT-M's MS(Entrepreneurship ) program which needs a gate/gmat/cat score . This is pretty low on my priority list,but I'll think bout the course if i do well .
  • my own startup : talks with my partners ,literary surveys , and market analysis ,are continuing.And we're looking to approach venture capitalists after preparing our presentations as soon as possible. This is my real passion,and im preparing to plunge into it in the near future . after graduation sounds near future enough :P
So many things to do ,so little time . But ive given myself the opportunity to browse through some of these really 'soul-food' articles :
  1. In the Beginning was the Command Line, by Neal Stephenson
  2. Richard Feynman and The Connection Machine, by W. Daniel Hillis
  3. The first postmodern computer language
  4. Blogs of : Steven Sinofsky, Joel Spolsky , among others .
Like i said...time to prioritize.... decisions decisions decisions ! 8 )


pk said...

dude .. we better find space for the project amidst all ur other priorities .. lol

Bosky said...

he he ... oh yes ! :D , i think well register our team at the microsoft student project program also. its at www.msapp.net

Keep CLicking,