Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Lotta things happening.

  1. Article print request from Computer Society of India (CSI 's monthly journal )
    It was really exciting to receive a request to print my article in the CSI monthly magazine on the subject of the adoption of indian languages in software development and open source development. The editor mailed me ,and it was a pleasant surprise for both of us to know that I the article was written on TechEnclave by a student from an Anna Univerisity affiliated college - Sri Venkateswara College of Engineering,sriperumbudur. Also ,he happened to be a professor at Anna UNiv's computer science department. Nice stuff and i will remember this for all time to come! 8 )
  2. Article request from a leading Indian National Daily
    Following my article being printed in CSI, i received an email from the Editor of one of two top english dailies from Indian dailies,appreciating my article in CSI ,and that they would want me to write an article for them for a special edition where they would be talking bout the future of IT in andhra pradesh . I hope everything works out well here,and ill see my name at the bottom of an article in the newspaper soon ! :)
  3. Meet with Bill Gates for announcing new product releases, Code4bil contest
    I was just back from the Ready Launch tour in Bangalore(wait , i hear they're changing the nameto bangalooru or so :P ) where Bill Gates,Chief Software Architect - Microsoft was present. And i had the privelege to see him up close (two rows behind the press) and have the opportunity of seeing the idol of millions across the world talk and discuss on his plans for the future as well as the new visual studio products, the foundation and its cause , initiatives for the community of developers and other events, Code4bill where 20 indian students will be given internships at microsoft following a stringent selection process,and 1 will be added to Bill Gates technical aid team .wow !
I guess things falling into place, among other things ;)

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode


sagaro said...

way to go...Boskey. Well you never seize to surprise me...

Bosky said...

like i said - 'things fallin into places i guess...' ...thnx 8 )

Anonymous said...

Woah! A link to the article would have been be nice.

Bosky said...


ive edited,added more stuff for the article though. you can also catch it the November issue of CSI Communications.

KEep Clicking,