Wednesday, March 16, 2005

How the cookie crumbled in Indian Tech Forums

When i joined my first indian forum in May of 2004,i never realised that i would get as involved as i did later on,conssciously or unconsiously.It was definitley something that did a whole lot of people a lot of good.TA went on to become at that time,India's most coveted tech forums with more than 4000 members.
I ended up winning the first and till date only contest to be held,became a moderator and staff member and really lived TA.But there was a lot i didnt know about its history early on ,and heres to remind me it ,whenever i feel im want to go back.

The history and evolution of the TA and TechEnclave forums..

For the fun,time and hardwork spent there,and the lessons learnt,the sweat and the tears,the satisfaction and the emotions,.... I will be grateful forever.

Cheers to TA,Long Live TechEnclave.

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