Sunday, March 13, 2005

big fish or small fish.

I've always had this looming doubt.

"Should i join a BIG(as in top 5 )IT company or a small MNC or local
but small company with good potential for growth. "

coz i feel(this is ony my view) bigger the company ,smaller the part
you play,and like wise..smaller the company - bigger the part you can
play and consequently gather more experience and scope for job growth.

A lot of ppl go furthe on to say that its nice to get the rough side
of life in a top company and then shift to other ones ,while otehrs
say that you can work in a small company,get the reqd skills and then
move on to higer posts in bigger companies.

If any1 could pls enlighten me on this,i'd be ever so grateful.

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darthcoder said...

Hi Bosky,
I have enlightened u havent i??
Now who else r u waiting for??
Nice blog btw, will be taking ur help to setup mine.