Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Top 5 MUST READ Javascript Resources

Some MUST READ javascript links that I thought i'd share.

Excellent Code style tutorial , with easily undertandable code snippets ( Bad Vs Ok examples)
=>From Mozilla,

Best example of well documented code
=> The YUI Javascript library, start off with reading

Excellent Javascript beginner tutorials
=> from Javascript Guru- Douglas Crockford's stable

Best ever Advanced javascript & Optimization tutorial
=> from Opera, and probably the most understated article on javascript to date.

Excellent Advanced javascript tutorials

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Bhasker V Kode

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manish said...

How about using Crockford code convention instead of Mozilla's It seems better.

Bosky said...

I like the Bad vs Ok style,since you would be doing one of them . So nice quick check.

Moreever i felt,it was very easy to overlook lot of conventions in douglas crockfords version .Perhaps if it was more presentable ,it might have been more easier to grasp.

Great resource ,non the less 8 )

Keep Clicking,