Monday, January 29, 2007

A Profile of TechEnclave

So, I've also always wondered if the portal a handful of '20-something year old' geeks and myself have built over the years totally in our spare time - would figure as being part of the Indian web innovation revolution .

It's called TechEnclave , famed for its forums ... ( ) Being a moderator for the forum , we're all excited that the member base that Team TechEnclave have been really building the community from 2002-03 onwards with experience gained from a temporary hosted forums ,to other experiements through '04, - 05 and finally fixed on the TechEnclave brand ,and have stuck to it ever since the end of 2005 .

The reason why i 'm talking about it now - is also to highlight the transition we've seen with the web 2.0 revolution hitting the indian plains . Sure , we did implement ajax based forum search options before it became cool , and we do have some forum regulars like a calendar that the 10k displaying birthdays ,user meets ,and so on . We've even had our TE user meets where we get to interact with the members dating to early 2005 . And with over 25- 30 of them across the country over the years - its not really tough to see why the unconferencing theme dint take too long to pick up in India. Today TechEnclave has over 25 forum sections covering hardware overclocking to gaming , portable devices and Tech News from across the world .If TechEnclave as become what it is today , it has been off the strength ,quality and relevence of its Forums - be it for the tech noobie , geek gurus or the persistent troubleshooter .

Some other statistics TechEnclave as of Nov 3 , 2006
Members: 13,500 +
Threads: 27,229
Posts: 292,544,
Most users ever online was 1,363, 28 Nov 05 2005 at 01:18 PM.

So ...coming back to how TechEnclave fits in as a interesting collage of user-feedback inspired product innovation built inhouse...

1 ) TE Spy
an inhouse clone of digg spy ,developed in ajaxian ishtyle , and shows in real time when new posts made at techenclave ... currently for premium members only . But the amount of content we throughout the day ensure that the TE spy functions like a charm . If you are registering at TechEnclave , we'll be happy to upgrade you to a premium membership .Just let me know your user id ,and then you can check out TE Spy for yourself .

2 ) TechEnclave Addons & Initiatives
The TechEnclave ToolBar , A nifty little addon for Firefox helps our users search and naviagate across the site better . We also have an exclusive download manager apart from the recently added hardware benchmarking software located at as well as numerous other nifty utilities like bookmarklets , feed aggregator widgets ,newletters , rss feeds , and so on .

3 ) TE Rig Gallery
TERig was an idea that we at techenclave had for a long time. We wanted to give , the tech enthusiast a medium to showcase your rig to the world. From our feedback on the forums ,we understood that the true potential of your rig can only be shown when your rig details are presented in a well formatted manner and with the all important pictures of your rig. So our admins Safin and QuickFire , went about hacking just that . Not only will you be able to put your rig specs in a well formatted manner, but also will be able to view where your rig stands vis-a-vis other's. Till date ,we are the first forum to have such a versatile system ...check it out at
transcending the role of a forum .

4 ) TE iTrader ( Market )
A custom built environment that provides a better showcase of the product that users put up for sale .

5 ) TE Price Guide
Based on feedback over the years ,we even felt the need for a comprehensive and updated price guide for hardware ,whatever be the city you are in india. So welcome another custom built app . the TE Price Guide located at which has now attained a sort of lengendary status of sorts over at the "Build Your Own Rig" followers in India . We even have a seperate Market Section where users can swap their new and old stuff .This initiative has gathered a lot of traction for genuine buyers and sellers especially ,for reaching users in the the non metros .

The TE Family
Apart from helping troubleshooting across 20 odd forum sections ,being part of the Techenclave , has helped bridge distance for the indian techie and transcend geekdom !
TechEnclave 's depth of quality in its reviews and experienced members helped it become a source to present demos at hardware branding and launch expos . Infact ,name any piece of hardware or software ,and you can be sure that theres someone from techenclave whos' got it first or swears by their favourite utility . Also of note is the sister forum that we've created called FunEnclave over at

The people behind TechEnclave ( ) are dedicated enthusiasts who came together because of their expertise and being identified as uber geeks and experts by their peers ,combined with a blend of effective management , marketing and creative abilities - to make things happen . We take pride in building one of India's Biggest Technology Forums from scratch without any commercial backing or investment by putting back all ad generate revenue back into getting better servers , bandwidth and so on .( You can see a brief history and evolution of techenclave over at ) And we hope to keep the quality and members right up there ,to take TechEnclave to greater heights ! 8 )

If TechEnclave does not fit into the realm of indian innovations - we will understand . But If you think that this community has evolved ,then do let us know ,and drop in at the forums and find out for yourself . See you there...

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode ,

PS : If you do want to explore advertising options ,feel free to go through the page at .

This is a post meant to act as Profile of TechEnclave . So while it very well would be in the public domain,i'd appreciate the linkback .

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Anonymous said...

so i met you at SVCE alumni meeting right…you were going to develop the forms for the web interface?

Bosky said...

hey thats right 8 ) ....

now i remember you from the pic on your blog. semi-conductor man right ,whos got something to do with the two ipods i have ;)

Keep in touch ...

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

Anonymous said...

part true, part overrated, part BS.

Bosky said...

If you can suggest in what way it seems overrated / BS / or can be improved , it would be in some way helpful .

It's called "constructive criticism".

Keep Clicking,

Anonymous said...

good one bosky!
When you first told me about the forum, I didn't know it would be so informative, but it sure is :)
I've learnt a lot in the past few months from there :-)

- The guy who quoted the first in the archive :P

Anonymous said...

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The TechEnclave database has encountered a problem.


Please try the following:
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Open the home page, then try to open another page.
Click the Back button to try another link.

The forum technical staff have been notified of the error, though you may contact them if the problem persists.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Vagabond said...

honestly was good recently i find the mods of Techenclave acting very high handed format

I also manage a forum n i know about discipline etc .... but they get into fun rules n infractions for no reasons...

what at one point gave the feel that it is OUR site has gone away... now its a forum managed by some god moded mods ... and we go across only to see new things in market...