Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Proposal for a local Javascript Developers User Group

So your city has its own linux or bloggers user group . But off late ive been wondering about the need ,or rather the lack of a group dedicated to 'the big J' of scripting languages.

So where do i see this going ? Well ,first up - maybe form a Javascript UserGroup Bangalore Chapter or Chennai Chapter to start off with to come up with an indian or Dojo toolkit . Why not !

Ideally it would start off in a small way, and gradually like any other user group - with time mature into a sound and active forum for javascript developers dealing with a number of inherent fields like asynchronous data retreival , DOM and window handling reusable functions , or cross browser issues ,to other problems like making javascript loading more effiecient , dealing with cookies and security , and eventually even come up with suggestions and comments on ECMA scripting .

What do you think are required name a few
=> website / wiki
=> spreading the word
=> ?

I think we can make this work... interested,just post your comments ?

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V K

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PVS said...

hmmm... nice idea dude....
i am in......

Rajesh Segu said...


You can count on me! By the way, would soon organize the ready;-)

Mohammed Moyeen.A said...

mee too in idea

rAKeSH said...

good idea.

Rajesh Segu said...

Did you know ?? is for sale.......... any take on this??/

Useless Mortal said...

Started anything???? If Bangalore, add me in!!!

Bosky said...

im just setting upa a space for ti first . will post the details as soon as thelink is up .
im thinking sourceforge ,and applied for hosting there...anyone with any OTHER ideas ?

Keep Clicking,
Bhasker V Kode

Bosky said...

hey guys ,
ive got something rolling finally called the js-in project .

check it out at

We've included some documentation and the CVN is up as well...

Keep Clicking,