Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bosky's AjaxLib Toolbar Icons demo

Have a exam on total wuality management tomorrow. But i guess the attempt to study fired some other grey cells ;) So hacked the following over a long days work !

Check out the Toolbar Icons (fisheye style ) demo

Version 4
- 3.30 am : bored and jobless.... enter idea !
- 6.30 am : done with version 4

Version 6
- 2.30 pm : added jumping effect
- 3.30 pm : added cross browser transparency

- Firefox
- Internet Explorer

Other comments
- inspired by the a desktop dock i saw somewhere .
- icons from the web / hosted elsewhere .

Keep Clicking,


rAKeSH said...

hey awesome work dude. Hope you illuminate us all as to how you did that...

Santosh Jayamurugan said...

Nice piece of work dude!!

Bosky said...

thanks 8 ) !

Aswin Anand T.H. said...

oi bosky, my 2 cents... this template is spoiling the readability of ur blog dude.. plz change it.