Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Live Clipboard , from Microsoft

What is it ?
The Live Clipboard web control is a DHTML control that provides copy/paste functionality for data associated with a web page using the Live Clipboard XML data format. It consists of the following components:
  • UI elements for displaying the Live Clipboard icon
  • Javascript objects representing the Live Clipboard object model
  • Javascript that handles serialization / de-serialization of the Live Clipboard XML data
  • Javascript callback function registration for retrieving data for copy, pushing data for paste, and notifying when the control is “selected.”
What else ?
  • uses standard Javascript and CSS techniques
  • works in many browsers : IE 6, IE 7 Beta 2 Preview ,Mozilla Firefox , Safari .
  • does not depend on installation of any client side applications or browser plug-ins,
  • and it never gains access to the contents of the clipboard without explicit user action to paste.
Check out the "Live Clipboard " demo here.

However ,I did wonder how it would handle certain events ,which we will try out now shall we :

Hypothetical Situation 1

: copy complex object /data
step2 : copy normal clipboard text
step3 : paste complex object / data

Result 1 : shows error on status bar .

Hypothetical Situation 2
step1 : copy normal clipboard text
step2 : copy complex object /data
step3 : paste normal clipboard text

Result 2 : copies gibberish.

im not surprised that it did throw up this behaviour , but what would be really great (and this is feedback ofcourse ) is a way to identify and seggregate the two so that both the hypothetical situations will still show positive results .

So "Live clipboard team " , if your listening 8 ) - heres a feature that im sure you guys will give a thought into before the release .

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