Thursday, January 05, 2006

Chennai MS Community Launch ,January 8th

Heres some rocking news for software enthusiasts to kick off the years activities .

The Chennai .NET User Group welcomes you to the VS2005 Community Launch on January 08-2006 at the Tidel Auditorium (Tidel Park) and is also celebrating its 3rd Anniversary with this launch .The one day event ,being the first event for the year will be filled with technology and fun ;seminars from leading speakers talking on the key features in the new Visual Studio 2005 , SQL Server 2005 ,and Biztalk Server 2006 ,seminars , free software Goodies , and fun events . Registration at the venue starts at 9.30 am . Also register yourself for the event at
For more information on the event ,also check out
For copies of posters to ciculate in and around your campus / locality / peer groups please contact me .

Do join us and 'Get ready to Rock' ! .

Bhasker V K ,
Microsoft Student Partner,
Marketing Manager - Chennai .NET Usergroup - Student Chapter

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abhinav said...

Hi there chennai bhasker [CB as we more popularly know u as ! ]

this post has nothing to do with ur original post and is a sheer waste of keyboard presses and a few calories burnt because of typing this out .
this also serves an alternative purpose of letting you know that you are now officially blogrolled by me . Kudos !