Thursday, November 10, 2005

Writing a good Statement of Purpose

Firstly ,let me clarify that I am not attemptin GRE or writing my own Statement of Purpose ,commonly associated with the admission procedure to get into universities in the US.

But I thought I'd discuss some key points ANYONE can use in writing their "Statement of Purpose" if they have the facts and are looking for points for cohesion :

-do u have any1 person/subject teacher in particular u want this reco to be from ?
-ur fav areas of interst in engg.
-any spl awards /papers / contests
-any sympo work,give info here bout leadership abilities
-ur max marks ever (in any subj) that might come in handy
-number of students in ur class
-favourite company / dream company
-role model ?
-fav subj in school
-give 2-3 fav subj's from over the years
-mark in 12th ,avg now ,any ranks,highest mark in which sem,which subjects
-what area of work do u want for MS?
-what u want to do after MS ?

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