Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Visual Studio Evolution : too much ,too fast ?!

Interestingly , Microsoft has spent the past few years encouraging Visual Basic 6 programmers to migrate to the new Visual Basic .Net platform, which has had its share of complications. Microsoft’s plan to stop support has been discussed for almost three years and the deadline already has been extended once, said the press representative, who requested anonymity. Visual Basic 6 has been supported longer than any other Microsoft product, according to the representative. “Extended” support, which is fee-based, will continue through 2008.

So I wonder if the next version,would add some refuge for the classical VB 6 developers.Especially with the Visual Studio Future and Live being talked bout.


Visual Studio Future ?!

Microsoft may have just shipped Visual Studio 2005, but the company is already starting to discuss its future plans for the development suite. Service Pack 1 is in the works for next summer, says Visual C# product manager Scott Wiltamuth, and Orcas -- the next VS release -- is being hashed out. The first service pack for the older Visual Studio 2003 will also ship in the first half of next year, with Wiltamuth estimating an April release. Soma Somasegar, corporate vice president of Microsoft's Developer Division, echoed those timeframes, saying the company would provide hotfixes in the interim. "My current thinking is that we will target the first service pack for Visual Studio 2005 around summer next year," Somasegar wrote on his Web log.

"We have learned a lot from the previous 3 versions of Visual Studio that were built around the .NET Framework, the biggest lesson that we learned on this most recent version was that we were not agile enough and we took too long to ship."
Malno added, however, that "MQ is not about servicing Whidbey.
After MQ, Orcas will begin to swim. "Orcas is all about enabling platform adoption for Windows Vista, for Office 12 and for WinFX," says Somasegar. "You can use Whidbey today to build Vista applications, for example. But Orcas will make it a whole lot easier for people to build Vista applications through easy to use designers and the like."

In a growing trend at the once-secretive company, Microsoft will boost transparency during the development of Orcas. The company will share specific feature plans and request feedback from customers before details are set into stone.

Somasegar also says his division will begin work on a number of incubation experiments -- a concept that has become a veritable requirement within MSN and Microsoft search rival Google. "In light of the 'Live' announcements last week, we are starting to think about what it means for us in the Developer world," he explained. "There are two things that we need to think about -- the kind of tools support that we need to provide for our 'Live' services platform and what does 'Visual Studio Live' look like."

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3.Campaign to save Visual Basic 6 gathers support
4.Microsoft MVPs revolt

No matter what the result, it will turn out a a telling tale of the VS avtars ... Visual Basic ,Visual Studio Express and Visual Basic Future. Thats not keeping in mind the compact and devices versions !

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