Saturday, July 30, 2005

IP rights & sourcecode protection

After announcing several steps to strengthen the intellectual property (IP) protection it provides to PC manufacturers,partners and independent software which account for for more than $18 billion also called indemnification,i set out looking for one thing alone .

Tools,ways to protect source code from physically stealing ,transfering to other accounts,and so on .this was a thought immediately after A Forrester Research report has warned that what looks like just another theft might curb the booming Indian BPO industry's growth by as much as 30 per cent.

Remotesoft .NET protector
Tool to protect your intellectual properties. It transforms your .NET assemblies (.EXE or .DLL) into a new format that completely stops decompilation and disassembling .

Dotfuscator is a .Net Obfuscator and Compactor that helps protect programs against reverse engineering while making them smaller and more efficient.

Then you have your virtualsafe,CVS,et all. fine.

Now im a student ,thinking about doing a project on IP rights and protection for the .net IDE .One Question : what would be a wishlist for such a purpose .Im not a regular at cvs or ip tools. im even thinking of having a voice based security mechanism ,where i could use a speech server to parse and report certain

so what would a wishlist for IP & sourcecode protection look like (apart from "protect violation " or "protect code" pls :P )

eg: check clipboard maybe ?
a service that checks the files moved ?

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